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          濟南集裝箱房在開始規劃時注意什么?來源:http://www.hbczjtlaw.com   時間:2022-03-09
          The construction of container house is not a whim and random construction. It also needs to consider many factors, including simplified plan, design, welding, etc. This article will analyze the attention of Jinan container house at the beginning of planning and production.
          Precautions for Jinan container house planning:
          1. 簡化計劃:建造集裝箱房的復雜性取決于你自己。與任何類型的建筑技術一樣,集裝箱房屋提供了廣泛的可能性。如果您沒有太多的經驗或信心,可以從簡單開始,也許在將來的嘗試中嘗試更復雜的容器。
          1. Simplify the plan: the complexity of building a container house depends on yourself. As with any type of construction technology, container houses offer a wide range of possibilities. If you don't have much experience or confidence, you can start with simplicity and perhaps try more complex containers in future attempts.
          2. 盡可能少的切割:集裝箱房集裝箱上的每個切割都需要時間和資金,并使結構復雜化,試著堅持一個需要少量切割的設計。
          2. Cutting as little as possible: each cutting on the container in the container room needs time and money, and complicates the structure. Try to adhere to a design that requires a small amount of cutting.
          3. 完成設計并堅持下去:每次切割集裝箱房的成本,但當你切割集裝箱的一部分時,重新建造需要大量的成本和時間,因此避免再次做出決定。
          3. Complete the design and stick to it: the cost of cutting the container room each time, but when you cut part of the container, rebuilding requires a lot of cost and time, so avoid making a decision again.
          4. 盡量減少焊接要求:集裝箱房的焊接在資金和時間上都很昂貴,因此應規劃結構以減少所需的焊接。
          4. Minimize welding requirements: the welding of container house is expensive in terms of capital and time, so the structure should be planned to reduce the welding required.
          5. 計劃周全:如果你想在預算緊張的情況下建造一個集裝箱房,你至少可以制定一個計劃。給自己一些時間來達到你愿意花費在你的家和建筑的各種元素上的金額,以確保在這一過程中不會發生事故。
          5. Well planned: if you want to build a container room under tight budget, you can at least make a plan. Give yourself some time to reach the amount you are willing to spend on the various elements of your home and building to ensure that there are no accidents in the process.
          In the planning and setting of Jinan container house, you should pay attention to making a plan in advance. If you have no confidence in making a complex container house, you can choose a simple design first and use cutting and welding as little as possible, because these two elements will spend too much time and money to reduce the construction cost as much as possible. I hope this article can help you!