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          住人集裝箱的質量要怎么判斷?來源:http://www.hbczjtlaw.com   時間:2022-04-12
          With the change of many people's attitude towards residential containers, its demand is also increasing, and the quality of residential containers will also be good or bad. How to judge the quality of residential containers?
          The main materials of container mobile room are channel steel for frame and sandwich board for wall and ceiling. The quality of these two materials directly affects the quality of container mobile room.
          The difference of channel steel is mainly reflected in the difference of channel steel thickness. Although the surface difference of residential containers sold by some manufacturers is small, the thickness of channel steel is different, and the bearing degree of residential containers is also different. Some residential containers can be stacked in three layers to withstand greater pressure, while some residential containers can only be stacked in two layers and can not withstand the pressure brought by stacking in three layers.
          The thickness of channel steel is not enough, so it is easy to bend when receiving pressure, and the living container is deformed, affecting the service life. This kind of container mobile room will not change in a short time, but it is easy to show problems such as deformation and collapse after a long time, which may endanger the safety of people in the container mobile room. Therefore, there are certain specifications for the selection of channel steel for residential containers. Instead of saving money, channel steel materials lower than the specifications can be used, which is easy to present problems.
          As for the residential containers with white top and iron top, the quality of color steel sandwich panel directly affects the service life of residential containers. At present, the data of color steel sandwich panels on the market are mixed, some are used in container movable houses, some are used in movable board houses, and the thickness of steel plates used in color steel sandwich panels for different purposes varies greatly.
          If the color steel sandwich panel used in the movable plank house is used on the living container, a series of problems such as steel plate scattering and rusting may appear in the color steel sandwich panel a few months later, and the living container will be damaged. Therefore, the color steel sandwich panel of the residential container must be applied to the residential container, and the color steel sandwich panel that does not meet the specifications cannot be used because of the need to reduce the cost, which will affect the service life of the residential container.
          The above is a detailed introduction of Jinan container. I hope it will help you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.hbczjtlaw.com