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          住人集裝箱的抗風性能如何?來源:http://www.hbczjtlaw.com   時間:2022-04-14
          集裝箱房作為新興市場行業,這兩年的發展可以說是飛躍式的,住人式的集裝箱從原來的默默無聞,到現在雖然不敢說人人都知道,但已經廣泛普及,這樣的居住者集裝箱在工地上以及受災地的運用已經很成熟了。 具有立即使用、隨時隨地移動、隨時隨地回收、回收利用、環保、美觀、經濟、效率高等優點。
          As an emerging market industry, the development of container house in the past two years can be said to be a leap forward. The residential container has been widely popularized from the original obscurity to now, although it can not be said that everyone knows it. The application of such residential container on the construction site and disaster stricken areas has been very mature. It has the advantages of immediate use, anytime and anywhere mobile, anytime and anywhere recycling, recycling, environmental protection, beauty, economy, high efficiency and so on.
          住人的集裝箱房一般是焊接結構,這樣的結構能承受更大的壓力和沖擊,能很好地承受臺風地震等自然災害,使人們更放心。 在居民集裝箱出現之前,市場活動房間產品的活動板室等結構不牢固,容易因臺風入侵而發生散架倒塌等不良情況。因此,住在這些活動房產品里面的人們在臺風來臨之前都會提前搬出去,等臺風過后活動房建筑維修完畢再搬回去,這樣很麻煩,而且對于客戶來說損失也很大,一些活動房產品甚至被全部摧毀,只能選擇重新購買搭建。
          The container house where people live is generally a welded structure, which can withstand greater pressure and impact, well withstand natural disasters such as typhoon and earthquake, and make people feel more at ease. Before the emergence of resident containers, the structure of movable board room of market activity room products was not firm, and it was easy to fall apart and collapse due to typhoon invasion. Therefore, people living in these movable house products will move out in advance before the typhoon, and then move back after the typhoon. This is very troublesome, and the loss is also great for customers. Some movable house products have even been completely destroyed, so they can only choose to buy and build again.
          對住在這些活動室產品的人們來說也不方便,需要在別的臨時住宅住幾天。 活動室里的東西不方便攜帶的東西只能放在里面。 如果活動室分散或倒塌,里面的東西也基本上不能使用了。
          It is also inconvenient for people living in these activity rooms. They need to live in other temporary houses for a few days. Things in the activity room that are inconvenient to carry can only be put in it. If the activity room is scattered or collapsed, the contents are basically unusable.
          People in these areas began to choose movable plank houses, but the losses in the typhoon showed the defects of movable plank houses and the advantages of occupant containers. Therefore, occupant container products can generally be selected to resist the invasion of the typhoon, and the overall cost is lower.
          The price of residential containers is economical, the structure is firm, can withstand greater pressure and impact, and can well resist the invasion of typhoon. Customers can buy or rent residential container products according to the situation.
          The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan resident container. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.hbczjtlaw.com